Tyr's Temple
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Black obsidian, richly colored glass, and finely detailed gold decorate the once great temple.

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This was the first painting that got Cory to really say that's it! I had been hunting for a design for a while and thought if Tyr is so showy then maybe he would just put a giant statue of himself on the top of his temple.

Tyr's Temple

Finding the design of Tyr's Temple was a long road. There were countless experiments into the look and a shifting level design to tackle as well as performance considerations to keep in mind. All of which lead us to a more reductive shape allowing the 3D to take advantage of tiling trims instead of heavy custom geometry. Cory our game director really wanted Tyr to be this showy ostentatious figure who has fallen from grace. This story needed to be told through the architecture so a once grand temple now stands flooded and in rune in the Lake of Nine.
Check out Abe Taraky and Jin Kim's work, they did a great job carrying the art direction set in these images through the rest of the temple:

Also a massive credit is to to Stephan Gaudette and Luciano Di Fede who built the level:

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