Wizard of Earthsea Pt. 1
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1. This is the Island of Gont where we start our journey.

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2. As the Kargish army marched upon the high village of Ten Alders, Duny called out a fog weaving and binding spell, shrouding the village.

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3. The village gathered as the ceremony of Passage was held. Duny the boy's name his mother had given him was taken from him. Nameless and naked he walked into the cold river Ar, as he came to the opposite bank Ogion, waiting reached out his hand and clas

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4. As Ged looked down on the book reading the runes and symbols one by one, a horror came over him. His eyes were fixed, and he could not lift them till he had finished reading all the spell. Raising his head he saw in the dark a shapeless clot of shadow.

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5. They went down to the docks, where the harbormaster came hastening to welcome Ogion and ask what service he might do. The mage told him and at once he named a ship bound for the Inmost Sea aboard which Ged might go as passenger.

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6. "They came out in the silence of the waters of the bay, and over them rose the white peak of the mountain, seeming to hang above the sea. In a shallow creek in the lee of the southern Armed Cliff the anchor was thrown over and there they rode the night

Wizard of Earthsea Pt. 1

For the month of May I am working on a series of paintings based on A Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula K. Le Guin. Here are the first six.

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